Tenant forms more than one person, as explained in the definitions of the Tenancy Agreement. 
VAT Explained. HelpMeRent.co.uk Ltd is not VAT registered therefore any fees charged directly for and on behalf of the Agent will NOT be subject to VAT. 
Third party purchases, tradesmen, service providers may or may not be vat registered. When estimates, quotations and final purchase costs are provided a Tenant will be made fully aware whether the cost is subject to VAT. 
1.2 Pay Rent 
Pay the rent and any other sums due to the landlords agent in the manner set out in this agreement whether formally demanded or not 
1.3 Pay interest 
Pay interest on any amounts of rent due and in arrears by in excess of 14 days at the rate of 3% above the Bank of England annual base rate calculated on a day-to-day basis from the date that the same shall become due until payment is in full is made. 
1.4 Pay for Council Tax 
In the event that the rent is expressed exclusive of council tax, to pay the council tax (or any similar charge which replaces it) in respect of the property either directly to the local authority, or by paying that sum to the landlord, or the landlords agent, with the landlord, all the landlords agent, has paid that sum to the local authority (whether legally required to do so or not) within 14 days of receiving a written request for such monies. 
1.5 Pay for utilities 
To pay all charges falling due for the following services used during the tenancy and to pay the proportion of any standing charge for the services which reflects the term of the tenancy 
– Council Tax 
– Water 
– Gas 
– Electricity 
– Telephone 
– Broadband 
– Satellite television 
– Cable television 
– TV licence 
1.27 Use of Burglar Alarm (if applicable) 
(i) Take every precaution to ensure the correct use of the burglar alarm system to the Property and pay any call out charge or costs for the repair or for re-setting of the system necessary as a result of misuse or negligence by the Tenant, his/her family or visitors. 
Fees – An alarm re-set will be limited to £50+ Vat. If a third party repair is required we will identify two local companies to provide a quote before instructing the work. Alternatively, a tenant can source their own suitably qualified & insured engineer to complete the repair within an appropriate timescale. 
1.30 Landlord's Insurance 
Not do, permit to be done, or fail to do anything that may render void or invalidate any policy of insurance on the Property or the Contents nor anything that may cause an increased premium to be payable, provided that a copy of the relevant sections of the policy has been given to or shown to the Tenant at the start of the Term or within a reasonable time thereafter. To pay the Landlord all reasonable sums paid by the Landlord for any increase in premiums and all reasonable expenses incurred by the Landlord incurred as a result of a failure by the Tenant, his/her family or visitors to comply with this clause. 
Fees – Evidence of the actual increase in premium will be provided to the tenant should the situation arise due to the tenants default. Due to the variance in policy cover & costs a fee cannot be specified however the evidence of the premium increase will be made available. 
1.36 Give Notice of Defects 
Notify the Landlord or the Landlord's Agent immediately in writing upon becoming aware of: 
(i) Any damage, defect or want of repair of any nature affecting the Property or any of the Contents, whether or not caused by any act, default or neglect of the Tenant, or any invitee of the Tenant; 
(ii) Any burglary or attempted burglary upon the Property. 
And the Tenant shall be liable for all reasonable consequential excess loss and expense arising from any failure to give such notice. 
Fees – If the Landlord claims on their Landlords Insurance; due to the variance in policy cover & costs a fee cannot be specified however the evidence of the premium increase will be made available. 
If the Landlord & Tenant agree, the Landlord and / or Tenant can obtain two quotes from suitably qualified & insured tradesmen. 
1.48 End of Tenancy 
At the expiration or sooner termination of the Tenancy: 
(i) Deliver up to the Landlord vacant possession of the Property and the Contents in a sound and clean condition as at the beginning of the Term (reasonable wear and tear excepted) and in the rooms or places as they are listed in the Inventory. 
(ii) Where the tenant is liable for damage or loss, they are to make good and/or pay for the repair of or replacement of any of the Contents that are broken, lost or damaged during the Term; 
Fees – If an agreement between the Landlord & Tenant is not reached before the final checkout. The Charges will be deducted from the Deposit following the usual Deposit Terms & Conditions. 
The agent must ensure that an inventory is kept for all items provided with the tenancy, to be able to prove the actual cost of the item damaged or lost and how the fee charged will be calculated and ensure the fees charged are in compliance with the Renting Homes (fees, etc) (Wales) Act 2019 (the Act) 
(iii) Clean the Property to a professional standard and all the Contents including the washing or dry cleaning (including ironing and pressing) of all bedding, linen, towels, carpets, curtains, upholstery and soft furnishings and other articles set out in the Inventory or articles substituted for the same which shall be shown by reference to the Inventory to have been soiled during the Term; 
(iv) Notify all utility and council tax authorities of the date of termination of the Term and pay all outstanding accounts with the service providers up to and including the last day; 
(v) Arrange for the return to the hire company prior to the inventory check-out of any hired or rented television or other equipment or appliance which the Tenant has hired or rented for his use at the Property; 
(vi) Deliver all keys and remote control devices to the Landlord or the Landlord’s Agent and pay to the Landlord all reasonable costs incurred by the Landlord in replacing the locks or devices where such keys or devices are missing; 
Fees – The Tenant MUST arrange via the Agent for any replacement / cutting / ordering of the aforementioned. Where the Agent has made the purchase they will ensure that they keep copies of the invoices to prove the actual cost of replacing locks, keys or other devices. 
(vii) Remove all personal items from the Property before the end of the Term. The Tenant will be responsible for meeting all reasonable removal costs and/or storage charges for items left in the Property after the end or earlier termination of the Term. The Landlord will remove and store such items for a maximum of one calendar month, and take all reasonable steps to contact the Tenant in this regard and, where possible, will notify the Tenant at the last known address. If the items are not collected within one calendar month the Landlord may dispose of them and the Tenant will be liable for the reasonable costs of disposal, which may be deducted from the Deposit or from any sale proceeds and if there are any costs remaining they will remain the Tenant’s liability; 
Fees - Where the Agent has made the purchase they will ensure that they keep copies of the invoices to prove the actual cost. 
(viii) Provide the Landlord or the Landlord’s Agent with a forwarding address where the Tenant may be contacted after the Tenant has vacated the Property and permit the Landlord or the Landlord’s Agent to give the forwarding address to the suppliers of gas, electricity, fuel, water, telephone services, environmental services or other similar services incurred at the Property for which the Tenant is liable and Council Tax authority; 
Payment Type & Method 
Holding Deposit - Goodlord by Debit or Credit Card [no charges] 
Damage Deposit - Goodlord by Bank Transfer 
1st Month’s Rent - Goodlord by Bank Transfer 
2nd Month’s Rent & Onwards - Payprop by Standing Order 
Fees / Payments to Agent - Payprop by Bank Transfer upon receipt of an Invoice 
We do not accept Cash or Cheque. 
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