Pre-Application Tenancy Referencing  

Complete your referencing BEFORE you move home, be prepared 

  I'm a tenant who, 

feels stuck in my current rental property 

  My references are poor 

I will never pass the tenancy referencing 

  How to rent? 

I just want to be organised 
Ring a bell? Then what are you waiting for, get in touch with today  
Q So what will you actually do? 
A will complete a full tenant referencing procedure & once we have obtained all relevant information we will let you know your rentability 
Q Why? 
A wants to help the nations renters understand the letting system and to help them get their applications in order to reduce the burden and anxiety when it comes to moving for real 
Moving home is one of the most stressful things for someone to go through, renters also have the worry of going through an unfamiliar process and potentially lose £££’s in failed referencing fees, why would you not want to be prepared? 
Q Do I need to apply for one of HelpMeRents properties to use this service? 
A No! is here to help ALL the nations future renters 
Anyone can apply and get their rentability in order before applying for ANYONE else’s property 
Q How long will this take? When will I hear from you? 
A Your reference specialist will be in touch within 24 hours to say hello & go through what they have done so far & what you can do to help. We aim to have the process completed within 7-10 working days 
Q My own OR my partner’s references are rubbish, is it worth it? 
A Yes! We are here for tenants like yourself. Let’s find out what’s gone wrong in the past & see what we can do to resolve things. Please contact & speak to one of our personal application advisors, we are here to help 
Q My references are perfect, why should I waste my money on this service? 
A Great news! Your references are in good order, but there maybe something that you have not considered?  
Letting Agents and Landlords always look at the full picture and weigh up the whole story of a tenants background. will look at everything through your future landlords or letting agents eyes and advise you accordingly.  
Q Will you contact all of my references on my application form? 
A Yes. We will contact all reference contacts that you have supplied in your application form 
Q What will my employer say if they are contacted? 
A We always recommend you contact your employer / HR Team / whoever will respond to the reference and let them know will be contacting them for a reference. Once you have completed the Pre-Application Referencing Form you will receive template letters / e-mails that you can use to pre-warn your referees 
By pre-warning your referees it is likely that they will respond quicker to our reference request  
Q I don’t want my landlord to be contacted in-case he gives me notice to leave 
A That’s fine, please tick the relevant box on the Pre-Application Referencing Form. If you forget to do this please e-mail us: 
Q Will you do a credit search on me 
A Yes. We will use a third party referencing company to produce a standard Credit Report 
Q Is a credit search necessary? 
A Yes. Letting Agents & Landlords will look at your Credit File, if they see something negative on the report they may ask you for additional information, a guarantor OR decline your application altogether. It is important sees this information so we can advise you correctly 
Q What I.D do I need to provide? 
A Passport, Photocard Drivers Licence OR Provisional. 
If you don’t have any of these please upload a signed photo here 
We will also request from you the contact details of a professional or public sector worker who can confirm your identity 
Q What address confirmation do I need to provide? 
A Two letters, these can be: correspondence / bank statements / salary slips etc dated within the last three months & addressed to your current address. If you cannot provide these please discuss with your application advisor 
Q How much does your Pre-Application Referencing Service Cost? 
A £75 
Our unique Pre-Application Referencing is a bespoke service which will be carefully attended to by a professional letting agent who will review your application, apply for your references, liaise with you directly once they have been received and ultimately advise you on your particular needs and requirements. 
Q What other costs may I have to pay? 
A Your bank may charge between £0 & £10 for answering the bank reference 
Help ! Your landlord / agent may charge you for supplying a reference – please check your tenancy agreement OR with your landlord / agent 
Help ! If you are self employed your accountant may charge you for supplying a reference 
Help ! Third Parties. pay for the direct cost of the Credit Reference but any other third party cost is payable by yourself 
Why Are We Doing This? has been established to empower Tenants into making the right choices and decisions before, during and at the conclusion of a tenancy. With our help we hope to make every tenancy an enjoyable experience; one which benefits everyone involved. 
One of the services is providing is our PRE-APPLICATION REFERENCING SERVICE, this service is available to anyone who would like to have their rentability checked by an industry professional who will then take the time to personally guide you through the renting process to ensure you understand your rights & responsibilities. 
The decision to rent somebody’s else’s property is massive, one which will dominate your personal & social well-being whilst living there therefore, the decision needs to be a considered one. 
With two principles in mind 
1 / To help tenancy fluidity and make the housing market work better 
2 / To help landlords find the perfect tenants every time promises to play a huge role in the renting process by not charging any tenancy administration fees when someone rents one of our properties*  
We also promise to work our hardest to pre-reference the tenants of the future [for a fee] to give them the advice they need to confidently apply for a new property whilst minimising their fear of losing £££’s in failed application fees. 
E-Mail to order the Pre-Application referencing 
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 Here's what a landlord has just said about  

A very, very happy landlord provided us with a professional, personal and honest service throughout the whole process of renting our property. Craig communicated with us at all times with regular updates on applications along with potential viewings. Once he was satisfied he had found the "right tenants" to rent our property he arranged for us to meet them which gave us the opportunity to spend time with them.  
References are an integral part of the process with no stone left unturned. Health & Safety is also not compromised with a full electrical inspection of the property to include the installation of hard wired fire alarms, heat detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. 
A full Management service is provided with inspections carried out every 12 weeks in addition to their initial inventory sign off giving us a peace of mind that our property is being looked after and maintained. We have already recommended the team to friends who are looking to rent their property. 
Thanks Craig and the Team at  
we couldn't ask for anyone better 
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